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Friday, February 25, 2011

Why i'm wearing NIQAB??

Benefits of Niqaab

O Prophet!  Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (except the one or both eyes to see the way).  That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed.  And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

The Noble Qur’an Surah 33:59


For the Pleasure of Allah (SWT)

We cover first and foremost for the pleasure of Allah.  Our obligation is to Allah and we do not obey others if it means disobeying Allah.  Everything we do is for Allah’s sake, not for our culture, our tradition, our parents, our husband, our friends, or even for ourselves.  This is an important concept for us to understand before we discuss the benefits of wearing the niqaab (face veil). 

There are a lot of good reasons to wear niqaab, and that is what will be answered in this paper, insha Allah.  But the most important and gratifying reason for wearing it is that it pleases Allah.  We should not need any reason beyond this! 

The purpose of this paper is to explain the other reasons that Allah, in His mercy, has given us to observe niqaab.  None of these reasons are near to importance as the fact that we will be pleasing Allah by wearing it, but they are “extra” benefits or encouragement that Allah has provided for us to fully cover.  Perhaps they will strengthen our resolve and break down our resistance to wearing niqaab.  

Inappropriate Reasons for Wearing Niqaab
As stated, we wear niqaab first and foremost for the pleasure of Allah.  There are a few reasons that some Muslimahs wear it that are not in accordance with Islam and are not pleasing to Allah.  These include:
·         Pride and arrogance
·         Lack of humility about one’s beauty
·         Class or caste distinction
·         Cultural tradition
Sisters that wear the veil for these purposes are missing out on the real benefits of covering.  The purdah (covering) that is Islamic is also in one’s actions and attitude and must come from a heart full of love and fear of Allah. 

The Benefits of Wearing Niqaab

Again, the following are benefits and reasons for wearing covering that are beyond the basic and most important benefit of pleasing Allah.
  1. A sense of Islamic identity.  When you wear full hijab (covering of the head, neck, chest, face, hands and feet), there is no doubt that you are Muslim.  You will not be mistaken for anything else but a Muslimah.  Perhaps this is what Allah meant when He said “…they should be known as (free and respectable women) so as not to be annoyed…” (Surah 33:59)
  2. Knowledge that we are following the example of the “best generation” of Muslims.  The wives and daughters of the Prophet (SAW), as well as the Companions wives, wore the veil and covered completely.  They are the most pious of women who we try to learn to be like, so why would we make an exception in this instance?
  3. Preservation of yourself for your husband.  Men are jealous by nature and do not want anyone else looking at their wife.  As a pious and righteous wife, we should want to preserve our beauty from others and share it only with our husband. 
  4. Respect for our parents.  Our parents (and other family members) feel a sense of pride that we are guided and showing the physical proof of our Islamic identity.  When we cover to this degree, our fathers and brothers do not need to worry that we will go astray.
  5. Being treated with respect as a thinking human being.  When we are veiled, no one can tell if we are fat or thin, blonde or brunette, cute or homely or beautiful, or what color our skin is.  This is a big blessing, in that they will not see us as an exploitable object or insult us either.  People are forced to hear the words we say instead of concentrating on what we look like and missing out on our minds. 
6.      Cuts down on race issues.  When we are covered fully, no one knows for sure even the color of our skin.  This protects us from the racist remarks and treatment that is still so prevalent in North America, and elsewhere.

Other Benefits and Opportunities Derived By Wearing 
When we wear the niqaab, we need to be prepared for the questions we will be asked and (more often) for the comments we will overhear.  When wearing the niqaab, we function as a “posterboard” for Islam.  This means we need to tune our behavior and speech to match the attitude we want to convey!  Most sisters will tell you that they find it easier to behave modestly when they are also covered modestly. 

Another benefit most sisters will mention is their sense of privacy.  The niqaab “hides” us from prying eyes, helps us to “lower our gaze” and provides a sense of security. 

Using Your Niqaab for Dawah

Contrary to the negative things some may say about the “message” sent by niqaab and veiling, your niqaab is an excellent opening to dawah opportunities. 

While you may notice that a lot of women (and even men) approach you to ask about your head covering (whatever style you may wear), most people already have some idea that Muslim women cover their hair.  Since many other religions wear a version of a head covering, just being in a khimar may not open up doors for you to share why you wear it, as people may only assume you are a Catholic nun or Amish or something else. Also, with the influx of various cultures in North America and the fad of others wearing cultural dress as well, to some people the khimar or head scarf is not really seen as a religious obligation, but only a cultural dress. 

This is where the niqaab opens doors for you to be specific about why you wear it.  More people are going to be curious as to why you cover even your face and hands, so you will be given opportunity to explain the truth behind why you cover, and refute the “cultural” misunderstandings. 

Even for those that do not ever speak to you or question you, just seeing you covered will cause them to think about it.  This is especially true among other Muslimahs who do not cover.  Seeing you covered and not making excuses to not do so may give them the push they need to consider veiling.  

An excellent way to spread the truth about Islam is through your niqaab.  Muslims and non-Muslims will ask you if you are oppressed etc. and you will have the perfect chance to explain to them that because you cover, you are in fact FREE.  This will in turn also give you a chance to talk about the freedoms Islam granted women 1400 years ago, that are only within the last 100 years or less being implemented in the “modern” and “civilized” world! 

Tips for Using Your Niqaab for Dawah

·         Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with women that stare at you.
·         Don’t disregard sisters that do not wear niqaab.  Welcome them with open arms as your sisters in Islam and show them by example the virtues of being a niqaabi.
·         Carry around pamphlets about hijab, purdah, niqaab, women’s rights in Islam, and other Islamic issues.  You never know when you will have the opportunity to share them. 
·         Teach your daughters about niqaab and make sure they wear it when they are old enough.  Teach your sons to respect and appreciate women that cover fully.
·         Make yourself familiar with the ayahs of the Qur’an and the traditions of the hadith that back up your view about niqaab.  This way you are able to share them with others.
·         Whether you believe niqaab to be fard (required) or mustahab (preferred but not obligatory), it is good for you to have the proofs that substantiate your opinion and be able to refute the arguments that are opposed to niqaab. 

whatever it is.remember Rasulullah s.a.w said:

''innamal a'amalu binniat''


''jom ramaikan golongan ghuroba!!''  

''ya,Allah..pandanglah amalan ku ini,,''
p/s:any comment or question or opinion,you are kindly ask me.insyaAllah,i'll try my best.(^_^)

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